I love photography but more than anything I am in love with people being in love!! 
Lately I had a lot of photographers asking me why I prefer weddings. It is so much work and long hours on the wedding day as well as after, they say.
Well it is actually very easy for me. The thing is that I love photography and the creative wonders that I can capture with God's beautiful nature but the thing that makes my heart melt, is the whole wedding day planning, the excitement, the day dreaming and then on the day capturing everything that the bride and groom has planned for such a long time. Capturing their dreams and planning that is executed on that wonderful day. But the most satisfying part of weddings is when you as photographer can be part of one of the biggest and most important days of the couples life and having that responsibility and honour  to capture every loving moment, every memory, every loving look and touch, every happy and tearful eyed look and smile. Capturing not only the look but the feeling.
Then comes the post editing...reliving every moment that I could capture on that day, and feeling the emotion while working on the images and then... the moment when the bride and groom and family receive their images and can relive those same moments!!! Hoping that every time they look at their images they can fall in love all over again for years and years to come.
Yes it might be more difficult that other types of photography and less profitable but it is my passion and I love it!!! I feel blessed every time I have the privilege to photograph those special occasions.





Have a lovely week and thank you for visiting my page.




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